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All Tap Classes need tan tap shoes. Capezio is the prefered brand.
All Ballet Classes need pink ballet shoes. 
All Jazz Classes need tan jazz shoes.
All Hip-Hop need black jazz shoes or black dance sneakers.
Boys – Any style of dance – Black shoes

Dress Code

​Proper dance attire is important to the dancer as well as to our teaching staff. Our instructors are able to view dancers’ body positions/lines and can see where students need to be corrected when wearing the proper attire. It is very difficult for an instructor to see bodylines when the dancer is hiding behind layers of clothing. Any student who does not follow this policy will not participate in class that day. Dance shoes and attire can be purchased at Kicks Dance and Active wear.

Ballet – Black leotard and pink tights. No shirts of any kind. A ballet skirt or shorts are fine.

Tap – Any color leotard and any color tights. No pants. Optional items are tight fitting shirts, shorts, skirts and Capri pants.

Hip-Hop – Any stretchy loose clothing. No jeans please. 

Jazz - Any color leotard or fitted dance top. Dance pants, shorts, skirts and capri pants.  

Combination class – Any color leotard and any color tights. Optional items are skirts, tutus, Capri pants and a sweater to keep warm in the winter.

Lyrical – Any color leotard and any color tights. No pants. Optional items are tight fitting shirts, shorts, skirts and Capri pants. 

Boys – Stretchy clothing. No jeans please.


​Hair, Jewelry and Gum - Hair for all classes must be pulled back into a pony tail or pinned back to stay out of the dancers face. Dancers cannot dance when their hair is falling in their face. Please pin or spray hair back.

  Do not bring jewelry or watches into the dance studio. Dancers there is no gum allowed in the building. 

Cell Phones- Absolutely NO cell phones allowed inside the dance room. Any student who is disrespecting this rule will be removed from the class.  

Be respecful to teachers and fellow classmates.

Recital information

Recital Costume Fees and Recital Tights payable by December 7, 2017. If paid after December 8, 2016  there is a $10.00 late fee per costume. All costumes are non-refundable and cannot be returned to costume companies.
Combination Classes - $65.00
Junior Jazz and Junior Hip Hop - $65.00
Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical and Hip Hop - $65.00
Tights - $10.00